• Om boogie

    Paint life as a picture of who you really are and the world will be the canvas to your colors.


    Coaching and Spiritual Counsel to help creatives, visionaries,

    and healers live authentic lives.

    In 1 minute you can find out how to quickly move towards the things you want and let go of the things that you don’t want. Take the survey and we will connect for a free consult.

    Coaching and Counsel:


     🥳 Give life to your vision


    🎯 Discover your authentic voice. and make impact with your gifts.


    🧘🏿 Heal the energy trauma and patterns that comes from self doubt, not having your needs met, and out dated narratives; so you can be ok with who you are, and attain the practical tools to help you move forward.


    🙏🏿 Break generational curses by honoring your ancestors and build on their legacy.


    I’m affordable and work on a sliding scale. Be sure to do the survey above and let’s have a conversation.

    Mom and I


    So here’s a bio:


    🎬 defeated death 7x. My first bout with death was an attempted suicide before the age of 13.


    🎭 Arrested and went to jail 3x.


    👑 Left the corporate world after being laid off then collected welfare and unemployment. Decided to start my own business and ditched the system. In one month, I made 3x more than what I was collecting on welfare and unemployment combined.


    🏆 Some clients are: An Emmy, and a Grammy winner, and a Millionaire, who has Beyoncé as a fan of her clothing line, and a New York Times featured author.


    🧘🏿 I lost 200 pounds going from size 56 to 34.


    🎤 Facilitator, Guest Speaker and host at Major Universities.


    🥇 Awarded by the Trickle Up Foundation for Entrepreneurship. 2x Omega Institute scholarship recipient.


    🦄 First born generation American. I come from a humongous family from all backgrounds.


    💰 Fundraised 10k for social causes.


    🏳️‍🌈 Representing the B. in L.G.B.T.Q.


    🙏🏿 Grateful